Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Top's Cucumber Tonic Chills Those Heatwave Ills!

Step right up and see, folks! Rising mercury got you down? Has the heatwave overstayed its welcome? High gas prices have you searching for a tastier, cheaper fluid to guzzle? If so, then have we got a treat for ya' -sure to chill those summertime ills and put the spring back in your step! Big Top presents Mugwump's Cucumber Soda! This refreshing concoction -using, of course, only the finest, freshest cucumbers available -is sure to cool you down and lift you up! This light, aromatic drink taste like summer itself -light, crisp and just a little sweet! Come try it for yourself! Step right up to the Big Top, here, and get yourself a glass of this refreshing, bubbling tonic!

Big Top Candy Shop
1706 S Congress Ave, Austin - Google Map
(512) 462-2220