Tuesday, July 20, 2008

RE/MAX Real Estate Baloon program comes to South Bend!

remax baloon
Come up with us and see what the hype is all about folks! Find out how the giant RE/MAX real estate balloon can make a difference in your local area, your sub area, school and your commercial business! This is a great treat held by realtors in the area and the help of Turbotap and city of south bend.

For sure one of the most memorable symbols in real estate, and for certain one of those corporate logos you are sure to remember in the world, the RE/MAX® Balloon is coming to our very own South Bend. come and enjoy the day with us and see just how our communit has flourished. We are also accepting RE/MAX to help our community with first time buyers seminars (for those looking to enter the realty market for the first time, perhaps with a small condo), and also a more advanced seminar for home sellers (for those perhaps downsizing from a home or expanding their needs to search for a bigger house).

Either way, for us, what matters is that you will be riding in the hottest real estate bubbles of all time --> the baloon ride that might just make you appreciate our beautiful community even more!

The event will also have refreshments and appetizers served! A True open house class event hosted by a world class company!

With this event we hope to bring in and keep growing businesses, organizing for vibrant neighborhoods, forging strong vines for residents to business opportunities

So come with uise and experience a great ride with us!